• Penetration testing

    Website penetration tests

Key benefits of web application penetration testing include:

  • Protect partners, clients & third parties
  • Improve business continuity
  • Ensure safer data storage
  • Identify & prioritise risks

Our qualified penetration testers will run your website through a series of simulated attacks in order to analyse flaws, vulnerabilities, access security and much more – usually working remotely to make things easier for you.

By working to prevent and minimise security risks, you’ll reduce potential downtime, preserve confidentiality, protect your business and user data and much more. We cover the OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities alongside the performance of a range of other website penetration tests, with the option to include additional investigations in-line with your specific requirements.

  • Penetration testing

    Infrastructure & external network penetration tests

Key benefits of infrastructure penetration testing include:

  • Protect your company’s reputation
  • Define the level of network risk
  • Determine infrastructure weaknesses
  • Uncover holes within your network

External network penetration tests are often the first line of defence against security attacks, because these systems are often more exposed to both automated and targeted hacking activities – and can leave other systems open to risk too.

Our qualified testers will analyse and uncover security risks that could impact your public-facing systems and digital implementations to ensure that your infrastructure is robust, trustworthy and secure. We’ll check for unauthorised access vulnerabilities, weak passwords, missing patches and much more, with advice on how to fix any issues we encounter.

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  • Penetration testing

    Mobile application penetration testing

Key benefits of mobile app penetration testing include:

  • Spot coding mistakes before hackers
  • Improve customer loyalty & trust
  • Protect critical data
  • Boost your security strategy

Our certified penetration testers recognise that focus on security tends towards web applications and external infrastructure, but mobile application penetration testing is just as critical – just because it’s on a mobile device, doesn’t mean it can’t be accessed.

Using a range of methodologies and tools – including OWASP mobile Top 10 – our InfoSec specialists will run your Android or iOS mobile application through a series of penetration tests to uncover any security risks. We can also provide more target-driven assessments based on your specific criteria, such as checking that user data is securely stored on the device while at rest.

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  • Automated testing

    Infrastructure & website vulnerability scanning

Key benefits of vulnerability scans include:

  • Evaluate your security investment
  • Identify & prioritise risks
  • First route for fast fixes
  • Cost-effective service

Our infrastructure and website vulnerability scanning services are often the first step in analysing your position from a security perspective and implementing defences against potential threats, picking up ‘easy fixes’ prior to more robust penetration tests.

Using our expert knowledge to identify the most effective vulnerability scanning tools, these automated tests will detect existing and newly discovered threats, enabling the most easily exploited vulnerability points to be made secure. These are a great way to gain an initial foundation for your ongoing digital security, and we’ll be happy to advise on any further recommended strategies.

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